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Figures of speech

For this week’s assignment, we read in Anne Spirn’s “Language of Landscape” on “A Rose Is Rarely Just a Rose: Poetics of Landscape,” p. 216-239. We were told to think further about significant details, but more specifically in terms of … Continue reading

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The elements of landscapes

This week’s readings in the “Language of Landscape” talked about landscape as grammar with codified meanings and relationships. There is an interplay between the elements of a landscape, where each element – whether it is the leaves on the trees, … Continue reading

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The physical and metaphysical

To me, place has both a physical and spiritual aspect that together, creates a whole. When I photograph, I look for that spirituality and usually, there is something about a scene or the way the light falls on an object … Continue reading

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Looking for Significant Detail

This week saw a change in weather that meant that summer is long gone. Say hello to fall/winter! I went out to photograph my site today because the sky outside my apartment window at around 5pm had very dramatic cloud … Continue reading

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MIT Railroad and Labs

Hello! This is my blog for Professor Anne Spirn’s “Sensing Place: Photographing the Urban Landscape” class. I’m Julie and I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in City Planning at MIT. For this class, my site is the area around Albany St. … Continue reading

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